ImportPhotos #QGIS

How to cite M. Kyriakou, G. Christou, end P. Kolios, “ImportPhotos: a QGIS plugin to visualise geotagged photos”, Zenodo. (doi:10.5281/zenodo.3384824) ImportPhotos v2.2.3 Add field column Images to use with QGIS plugin qgis2web directly OK Test with Linux mint. Change the Read more…


Move world using Globe Builder plugin #QGIS

Globe Builder QGIS 3 plugin that is meant for adding globe visualization to the current map. Inspired by these blog posts by statsmapsnpix and Gispo. The plugin is still in beta-development. Please report issues preferably to Issues. Developed by Gispo Ltd. Links:

MATLAB Christmas Trees

Sources: Anselm (2019). A christmas tree plot ( Marc Lätzel (2019). XMas Tree ( Lisa Lisanka (2019). Rotating Christmas tree ( Hooman Sedghamiz (2019). Animates a christmass tree, gifts and snow ( Vedrana Dahl (2019). Merry Christmas (