Github traffic

Get traffic of your repository.GitHub provides traffic data for the last 14 days.This code can be used to run one time of day or every 14 days to collect the traffic. Python requirements:pip install githubpypip install pathlib run the python file github_traffic.pyBut First set this variables based on your repo:repo Read more…


Nice QGIS tricks #QGIS

Just type the words in the coordinate section: world, dizzy, contributors, hackfests, retro and bored (When you get bored and want to play a little) Make your puzzle country1. Select your country layer2. Write “bored” in the coordinates section

ImportPhotos #QGIS

ImportPhotos v2.2.2 Add the option to import photos only on canvas extent Add filters gray and mirror, mono Filters edges, averaging, 2D convolution, gaussian, gaussian highpass, median (needed: pip install opencv-python) Add bands red, blue, green Add name title and save as option Fix transparent left, right buttons for all Read more…

How to add XYZ Tiles #QGIS

1. Load Connections A collection of several basemaps in an xml file. 2. A nice script to add basemaps via python console (by Klas Karlsson): 3. Simple add Note: To remove all the connections at once. You can use the following code via python console: