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Muhammad Jazman · at

thanks for the tutorial … can I have an accessible style? That sharepoint is un-accessible tho… gist (github) probably?


mariosmsk · at

I have moved the styles on Github! Thanks!

Muhammad Jazman · at

thanks alot …

now I’m able to follow every single steps …

but for any one (my students) who willing to follow Mr. Mario, please make sure you change your CRS into 3857 (Pseudo Mercator), from default 4326 (WGS 84)

then …during zonal statistics, please make sure you tick everything …
seems it’s a bug in QGIS Bahasa (Indonesian) where mean (or rata-rata, in Bahasa) is not counting toward statistics, unless you tick (centang) every single options (centang semua, in Bahasa) within “Statistics to calculate”

now you’ll have _mean in column …
if you have no _mean in column change it to _median is okay in every style …

this maps is look best with 1:500 000 map scale

btw, thanks again @mariosmsk …

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