Move world using Globe Builder plugin #QGIS

Globe Builder QGIS 3 plugin that is meant for adding globe visualization to the current map. Inspired by these blog posts by statsmapsnpix and Gispo. The plugin is still in beta-development. Please report issues preferably to Issues. Developed by Gispo Ltd. Links: Advertisements


Inkscape2Symbol #QGIS

Inkscape2Symbol is an experimental QGIS plugin. Import SVG drawings created in Inkscape as symbols in QGIS. QGIS 3.x plugin to easily convert Inkscape-generated SVG to QGIS-compatible symbol Automating a simple yet tedious and crucial procedure to convert an SVG made in Inkscape into a format compatible with the QGIS symbol Read more…

MapBiomas Collection #QGIS

Map Biomas Collection is a plugin lets you get collection of mapping from MapBiomas Project( The Map Biomas Collection add WMS layers from the MapBiomas collection. Author: Luiz Motta.

QGIST Workbench #QGIS

QGIS Plugin for Organizing Toolbars and Dockwidgets QGIST Workbench is a QGIS plugin for organizing toolbars and dock widgets. It is part of a larger effort, the QGIST project. Workbenches can be switched within a QGIS profile. Change your QGIS user interface for different parts of your workflow as you move Read more…

Format Consistency #QGIS

This plugin shows the layer(s) information like SRC coordinate system type, encoding, number of features, format type and if is valid. Created by Alex Santos.

Magic Wand #QGIS

A nice plugin by Kanahiro Iguchi. Usage Set Project CRS as WGS84(EPSG:4326). Set Accuracy and Color Threshold, and Click mapcanvas where you want to make polygon. Single Mode enable you make ONE polygon around where you clicked. Higher Accuracy needs so longer time that I recommend you use this plugin Read more…