Merge & clip raster data #QGIS #Qgis2threejs

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Move world using Globe Builder plugin #QGIS

Globe Builder QGIS 3 plugin that is meant for adding globe visualization to the current map. Inspired by these blog posts by statsmapsnpix and Gispo. The plugin is still in beta-development. Please report issues preferably to Issues. Developed by Gispo Ltd. Links:

Inkscape2Symbol #QGIS

Inkscape2Symbol is an experimental QGIS plugin. Import SVG drawings created in Inkscape as symbols in QGIS. QGIS 3.x plugin to easily convert Inkscape-generated SVG to QGIS-compatible symbol Automating a simple yet tedious and crucial procedure to convert an SVG made in Inkscape into a format compatible with the QGIS symbol Read more…