References for EPANET

Source: Google Scholar and Web of Science Advertisements


Inkscape2Symbol #QGIS

Inkscape2Symbol is an experimental QGIS plugin. Import SVG drawings created in Inkscape as symbols in QGIS. QGIS 3.x plugin to easily convert Inkscape-generated SVG to QGIS-compatible symbol Automating a simple yet tedious and crucial procedure to convert an SVG made Read more…

MapBiomas Collection #QGIS

Map Biomas Collection is a plugin lets you get collection of mapping from MapBiomas Project( The Map Biomas Collection add WMS layers from the MapBiomas collection. Author: Luiz Motta.

Format Consistency #QGIS

This plugin shows the layer(s) information like SRC coordinate system type, encoding, number of features, format type and if is valid. Created by Alex Santos.